Know How to save money on Pajamas?

Do you know that Pajamas are the most common cloth that we buy most frequently? There are so many people who are buying these attires all over the globe and as online shopping are bringing the latest fashions to our door steps the number has... Read more →

Love for dresses and shrugs

Different kinds of jeans and beautiful western dresses along with women tops have found their way into our hearts and are now the wardrobe must haves. Similarly, shrugs have also steadily made their way into our hearts, and are now as essential... Read more →

How to dress in your 50s

So you have stepped into what is conventionally termed ‘Old Age’. That doesn’t mean you have to forego most of your statement outfits to the younger generation. If you think you’re incapable of carrying the same suits you carried with... Read more →

Why Use Herbal Cosmetic Products?

The cosmetics and beauty industry is worth trillions of dollars. Makeup products are used by men and women of all ages. Most beauty creams and topical products that are available today are made using a combination of different chemicals. It’s... Read more →

The truth behind palazzos

Relax, we’re not about to reveal some humungous scam or shocking fact about palazzos (were you thinking about possible radiation anomalies or irritating material already). While palazzos are perfectly clean, clear and fine, the reason behind... Read more →
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