Tips for Holiday Family Gatherings

The holidays are upon us and the deluge of family, in laws, outlaws and cousins is about to begin. Very few families resemble the Norman Rockwell ideal of yester yore.  More likely than not, your family doesn’t either.  The Aunt that never... Read more →

Clearing Your Counters

If you’re a beauty product fan, whether you work in a salon or just have lots of products you love at home, chances are that your counters are covered with everything from hair sprays to body creams. And whether you live with a roommate who’s... Read more →

Maintaining Your Charm Bracelet

After spending a good deal of time shopping around and making a decision on what kind of charm bracelet you would like to have, you may have finally found your perfect charm bracelet. Now that you have either bought or have decided to buy a charm... Read more →

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